Herbalife as the best supplement?

Herbalife as the best supplement?

8. 4. 2019

Let me be clear from the beginning that food supplements, must be used only to ADDITION, to already balanced nutrition habits, and are not crucial! It is wise to intervene with supplements when we want to extract those few percentages from our performance, and with that, we mainly provide “faster” system recovery.   

It is also worth mentioning that if our dietary regime consists primarily of highly processed food and our main suppliers are Mr. McDonald and various fast food locals, then we will lose weight on Herbalife shake too!

Of course, not from the point of better nutrition – Herbalife could also equate to fast food – but from the point of view of calorie deficiency (often also starvation)!

3 practical examples that I have experienced with my clients:

  1. The high-level cyclist, when she stopped taking the CR7 formula for “optimal regeneration,” had menstruation for the first time in a year and a half, energy for training, and stopped losing muscle mass.
  2. A very promising climber, after he stopped taking CR7 formula and a morning “healthy” breakfast, for the first time in two years balances the hormones and gets menstruation, and breaks catabolic phase.
  3. Recreational athlete, after stopping the use of “perfect” breakfasts and snacks, stops producing fat and starts gaining life energy.

I could write a few facts for each of them, on why this happened, but I think you will find out from the written ones yourself. 

Let’s look at some of its main ingredients and chemical analysis.

Nutrition value:

We already talked about this. The 500-calorie McDonald’s hamburger simply does not have the same nutritional value, such as 500 calories, obtained from nuts. Well, this is one of the first points that the “herbalists” focus on. They say that the banana from 1998 is not the same as today’s bananas. What really is true a little bit. It is less nutritious than the “older” banana, but still, if we take a look at nutritional values banana without a question exceeds the Herbalife meal, which should in their minds, replace the good quality breakfast. 


They also like to mention that among the founders is the gentleman who received the Nobel Prize. They forget to mention that he was investigating sugar. More precisely, fructose. This is what Herbalife products contain. Fructose itself is not harmful, of course, when it comes in combination with certain enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But it’s not good for our livers when we’re overeating it. However, if fructose in the form of sugar is in every product, it is difficult to avoid negative effects (fatty liver, etc.). 

Soy Isolate:

Very often in Herbalife products. Of course, this is the cheapest form of this nutrient on the market. Due to the extraction method, there are naturally occurring toxins that our liver has difficulty to process ( it has a huge impact on our hormones). Also, amino acids are fairly unusable because they are highly heat-treated during manufacture. Another big minus is in the quality of soybeans. The products come from the United States, where 91% of the soybean has GMO origin, which means that they contain a huge amount of pesticides that are proven to be harmful to health (carcinogens).

Vitamin and mineral content:

Often they also mention that the mineral and vitamin composition of their products is really good, as the quality of real foods is declining. Let’s take a look at some facts. The products contain an average of 70-80% less vitamin and mineral values than RDA standards – the minimum recommended daily intake! So it does not meet any standards, not even minimal!

The other more important thing is that they are not natural vitamins and minerals but are synthesized. And they say that it’s the same molecule of vitamin C, as in the lemon. Ok? Well, let’s see.

Beta carotene Naturally occurring reduces the risk of cancer in smokers, synthesized will increase the risk!

Vitamin E naturally occurring, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, and synthesized increases the risk of it!

These are just two of the artificial micro-nutrients. I would rather not list more.

9 pages of studies:

For all those who don’t believe me, on the PubMed portal, there are 9 pages of studies proving kidney damage (in some cases, even kidney failure), due to the use of these shit.

I could mention other artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, which has not been shown to contribute to a better flora and fauna of the intestines, as well as some products contain laxatives that further damage the intestinal ecosystem. 

Thanks for reading.


AUTHOR: Anže Jert


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