Herbalife as the best supplement?

8. April 2019

Let me be clear from the beginning that food supplements, must be used only to ADDITION, to already balanced nutrition habits, and are not crucial! It is wise to intervene with supplements when we want to extract those few percentages from our performance, and with that, we mainly provide “faster” system recovery.   

The best proteins are produced from insects?

21. March 2019

If you would ask anyone what the proteins are and from what they are produced, you would get several different answers. From the fact that it is dust that inflates us, that it is not food, that these are steroids, it’s not healthy that they are produced from animal and plant sources, such as beef, dairy products, plants, poultry …

An easy way to boost up your recovery

22. February 2019

As a student at the faculty of sport, my path began with the interest of optimal functioning of the body and its movements. Through my fax machine, my focus was increasingly concerned with optimal regeneration from the point of view of diet and other techniques. In particular, I was interested in, and still, how to use natural techniques to optimize regeneration or prepare the body to ensure that it only provides better regeneration.

About CBD

18. Januar 2019

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the components of cannabis, but it is not psychedelic, but there is still a lot of censorship regarding the compound, because it is closely related to cannabis and THC. CBD is actually cannabidiol, which is positive for the body according to recent research…

Optimize your Sleep

19. December 2018

Why is sleep so important?

While sleeping, it is one of the more important functions of the body to regulate hormonal activity and produce new neurons. This primarily helps to reduce stress, improve well-being, reduce symptoms of depression and, in general, control emotions and cognitive processes throughout the day. Good sleep helps regulate body weight and appetite. A bad sleep leads to the consumption of a higher amount of calories. During sleep, the body also fights against a strong enemy – inflammation. If sleep is good, the body can produce several so-called T cells that fight inflammation in cells.

Fats – do you need them?

19. December 2018

What exactly are the fats?

They are macronutrient, which is in addition to carbohydrates, literally on the shooting list or people are even afraid of it. This is not surprising, because we hear all the time that they are the culprit for many diseases (especially cardiovascular), they cause certain types of cancers, but on the other hand, we hear that it is good to eat a pork roast and enough eggs in a week. It is for this reason that I decided to start with the fats, you won’t believe but they are even indispensable to the organism, and everyone should ingest a certain amount, especially athletes, who are usually avoiding them. Let me also mention that for the normal functioning of the organ we need at list 3% of fat, which is mainly concentrated around certain internal organs.

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