About CBD

About CBD

18. 1. 2019

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the components of cannabis, but it is not psychedelic, but there is still a lot of censorship regarding the compound, because it is closely related to cannabis and THC. CBD is actually cannabidiol, which is positive for the body according to recent research…

It is one of the cannabinoid molecules that are soluble in fat. I would not go into the details of the composition, but let me also mention that our body only produces a certain cannabinoid – Anandamide, which makes the body even more susceptible to all the effects of cannabinoids

In our body, there is an endocabinoid system consisting of two important CB1 receptors (emotions, motor control …) and CB2 (inflammation, immune system …). The system regulates, in particular, unconscious processes, such as, for example, core temperature and pH (two important systems). The system is also involved in the control of pain, appetite, motor function, etc. Researches show that it regulates homeostasis (self-regulation of nervous system restoration). THC and CBD are one of the 100+ cannabinoid molecules detected so far.

Review of positive / negative effects of CBD.

Studies have shown that it is a good component of pain relief in certain cancers, depression, anxiety, and HIV patients. It should be noted that CBD does not directly affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors but affects the endo. For now, the effect has been proven to: Vanillioid, adenosine, and serotonin receptors, which have an impact on inflammatory processes and the processes of regulation of the core temperature.

1. Adenosine

A compound that, in normal circumstances, acts relaxing on the body (caffeine, for example, blocks the receptors for adenosine, and therefore we feel more energetic). CBD oil affects these receptors similarly, but without the “negative” effect of caffeine, which occurs due to the release of adrenaline (a drop in energy). CBD oil ensures that we are “fitted”, as with caffeine, but relaxed at one. So that the choices we make are more thoughtful. And there is no drop in energy.

2. Dopamine

CBD helps the body to take advantage of the natural amount of dopamine present in the body, which primarily affects the well-being and energy. That is, it does not produce more dopamine (like some hard drugs), but only helps to use of more dopamine naturally present in the body.

3. Serotonin

It affects the production of serotonin receptors, which means that it can take more serotonin and the effect is – better well-being.

4. Additionally: D

Recent studies are also suggesting that it influences on the improvement of depressive symptoms and symptoms of anxiety, the impact on the symptoms of autism and certain types of cancer. People with cancer often have problems due to the depletion of minerals, the bone density drops. CBD reduces the ability of the body to deplete these minerals, so it relaxes the bone density drop and the disease is a bit easier to regulate.

It is true that in combination with THC, CBD potentially makes all the positive effects even stronger, but the balance of CBD and THC is important.

Author: Anže Jert

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